(no title yet, it’ll come to me eventually. And this isn’t finished by far, but I’d thought you’d like to see what I have, at least. )

Matt was in trouble. Well, sort of. It had to do with the fact that Matthew had somehow gotten turned into a kid, and was just about the cutest damn thing he’d ever seen. And considering how said kid was running around in a too big t-shirt and nothing else, he was having some very impure thoughts. Thoughts that ran along the line of ‘Holy shit this kid is so fucking damn cute, I want to fuck….shit.’

Yep, he was in trouble. At least Matthew was pretty comfortable around him. That was good, Matt didn’t deal well with people freaking out. Or crying. The main thing to do was just keep himself under control, not scare Matthew, and hope to god the boy turned back soon.

There was a tug on his shirt, and Matt looked down to see Matthew holding up his arms, the universal signal for ‘pick me up, please.’ With a sigh, he crouched down so the boy could climb on his back. “Whatcha want, squirt?”

"Just wanted up. And ‘m hungry."

"Yeah, me too. Pizza sound good to you?"

"No olives. Or sardines. Yuck."

"…we’re gonna get along just fine. Let’s go order pizza then." He shifted Matthew higher and made a note to find some underwear for him, since the only thing separating his arm from Matthew’s privates was the thin t-shirt.

Dinner was a messy affair. Despite Matthew’s best efforts, pizza sauce and cheese got everywhere. And despite Matthew’s best attempts to escape, Matt scooped him up and hauled him off to the bathroom.

"Don’t wanna take a bath." Matthew directed his best pout at the older man. Fortunately, Matt had a slight immunity to it.

"Too fucking bad. You’re a mess. Gotta get you cleaned up. I’ll even take a bath with you, alright?"

"…do I get bubbles?"

"I don’t think I have any."


"Probably for the best, I don’t know if you have allergies or not, and I don’t wanna fucking risk you itching all night or whatever the hell happens when you have an allergic reaction." He started running bath water, and in an attempt to cheer up the boy, poured a little body wash under the water flow.

After stripping both of them, Matt plopped Matthew in the tub, climbed in behind him, and leaned back to enjoy the sight that was a naked Matthew playing in the bubble foam. “There, go wild, I don’t care, so long as you get clean eventually.”

Matthew was delightedly squirming about and making foam beards for himself. It took a bit, but the novelty wore off.

"Done playing?"


"Okay. Time to get you clean." Matt reached for the body wash, and squirted some over Matthew’s shoulders and chest. "Now hold still. And before you say anything, I know damn well you can wash yourself, but this way is quicker. Should probably wash your hair too." Matt made sure to scrub the small body down thoroughly, enjoying the slide of smooth skin under his hands. Once done, he dumped a cupful of water over the younger boy’s head, snickering at the resulting splutter. "Now we wash your hair, then we rinse it, we get out, and I figure out what the hell you’re gonna sleep in."

Matthew brightened. “I could sleep naked!”

There was a pause, then several thuds as Matt closed his eyes and thumped his head against the wall behind him. “Not happening.” 'Because then things would go to hell in a handbasket for sure.'
"I bet you get to sleep naked." Without looking, Matt could tell the kid was pouting. Again.

"Whether I sleep naked or not is none of your goddamned business. And you’re gonna wear at least a t-shirt or something, can’t really have you running around in nothing."


"Not. Happening."

Bathtime over, dutifully wrapped in towels, and still dripping water, the two headed for Matt’s room. Some rummaging through the dresser produced boxers and a pajama top for Matthew, and clean bandages and actual pajamas for Matt. At least the shirt covered everything important, but Matt still insisted on the boxers. It took a bit of adjusting and several safety pins before Matthew was deemed presentable.

"There. I think you’ll be fine for now. It’s pretty late, so you need to go to bed."

"I’m not tired."

"Don’t care. I didn’t ask if you were tired, I just said it was bedtime."

"Can I sleep with you then?"

Matt thought about that for a moment. On one hand, Matthew was definitely big enough to sleep by himself. On the other hand, it was probably a good idea to keep the boy close.

"Alright. But you start squirming around and shit, I’m kicking you out."

"Hey, hey, I could be like Alfred, I could take up the whole bed!"

"And then I’d definitely kick you out."

"But then you wouldn’t have a personal heater." Matthew looked pleased with his latest argument.

"If you’re gonna be a fucking personal heater, then get your ass in bed, get under the covers, and go to sleep."

"I can’t go to sleep right away, duh."

"Sure you can, I’ll help you." Matt playfully shook a fist at him, earning giggles.


Matt hissed into his pillow. Sleeping in the same bed as Matthew wasn’t necessarily bad, but the younger blond had spooned against him, and his rear was pressing directly against Matt’s groin. And every little shift Matthew made, every little movement, was making a certain problem worse, and god help him, if he didn’t wiggle out of bed soon he was going to fucking explode. Except that everytime Matt either scooted back or moved the boy away from him a little bit, Matthew would unconciously scoot back too, seeking warmth and oh, it was a good thing Matthew slept so deeply, because there was no way a light sleeper could miss the erection making itself known. Although if it went on much longer, even a deep sleeper couldn’t miss something poking them in the back.

He froze as Matthew rolled over, mumbled something, and pressed close again, sliding a thigh between Matt’s and looping an arm around his waist, his breath fanning over his collarbone.

FUCK. Matt had forgotten just how cuddly his counterpart was, and it even carried over as a kid. And there was definitely no way Matt couldn’t feel him now. Carefully reaching over him, Matt snagged a pillow, and replaced himself with it, sliding out of the bed and making a beeline for the bathroom.

It didn’t take long, but it was still a relief to jerk off. When he got back in bed, he made sure the pillow was still between him and Matthew, for safety reasons.

Unfortunately, sometime during the night, Matt had rolled onto his back, and Matthew had climbed on top of him, face resting on his shoulder and drool making an uncomfortable wet patch. Which is what woke Matt up in the first place. He sighed. He just couldn’t win against the kid, could he.

(There will be more later, I just have to write more stuff to make everything else connect properly. @_@)

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