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Here, I did a thing with the ‘chickadee Matthew’ AU you were freaking out about. It may not be that good, so I’m sorry. I could only do the first part, but I hope you can wait for me to make another…?

Matt yawned, stretching out on his couch. It was snowing a little outside of his log cabin, & as such, he decided to start a fire. Said fire crackled sweetly in the fire place. Only a few logs were left within his home, though, so he had to get more.

“Good thing I got some yesterday.” He yawned again, grabbing & lacing up his boots before standing & grabbing his jacket.

Cracking the door open, he noticed the snow falling if a bit harder. Frowning, he finally exited, walking towards another, smaller building where he kept his wood. Right before he could get to the door, something caught his eye.

Something small, brown, & cheeping.

Slowly walking over, he kneeled down, picking it up.

There, lightly coated in snow, was a chickadee, completely freaking out over the fact it was being touched.

It tried to fly away but couldn’t, as one of its wings were bent.

“Hmm,” Matt hummed, cupping the small bird with both hands. “It looks like you’ve got a broken wing there.”

The chickadee’s head tilted cutely to the side before it nestled in Matt’s hold. It seemed to like him already.

Laughing slightly, Matt gently eased the bird into his front jacket pocket. It chirped softly before it snuggled into the fabric.

Ah. He could grow to like this little Chickadee.

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